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English for Economics and Politics – Geopolitics in the 21st Century - Detailseite

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Semester SoSe 2024 SWS 4
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Mi. 12:00 bis 16:00 wöch von 24.04.2024  348 (Techn.U-Raum)
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Boeckh-Haus - Dorotheenstraße 65 (DOR 65)

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Plews, Matthew , M.A.
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This course aims to provide students with the opportunity to improve listening, writing, reading and speaking skills in their relevant fields of study. A range of topics will be covered, depending on the needs and interests of the students, and could include, for example, the Climate Crisis, the Ukraine conflict, EU foreign policy, development in the Global South, China as a superpower, or Populism, nationalism and democracy. Potential topics will be discussed in week one. During the classes, there will be a major focus on assimilating information from diverse online sources. We will also spend time looking at techniques for writing essays, describing economic and political trends, as well as producing summaries and, outside class time, students will be asked to prepare written responses on a variety of issues related to the fields of politics and economics.

Language feedback in the form of corrected written and oral work and vocabulary reviews will allow students to see how they are progressing throughout the course. As well as receiving grades for written work, a presentation and vocabulary tests, students will also sit final tests in listening and reading comprehension.


Voraussetzung: Online-Einstufungstest mit 65 bis 100 Punkten.



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