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Quod Erat Demonstrandum: The Dialogue between Philosophy and the Sciences in Ancient Greece - Detailseite

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Veranstaltungsart Q-Team Veranstaltungsnummer 51087
Semester SoSe 2019 SWS 2
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Mo. 10:00 bis 12:00 wöch von 15.04.2019  Fritz Strassmann-Haus - 1.03 Hannoversche Straße 6 (HN 6) - (Unterrichtsraum)   findet statt     40
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Philosophische Fakultät, Institut für Philosophie

Sciences and Philosophy have always had a relationship of reciprocal exchange.

Philosophers have been discussing and shaping what scientific inquiry is and how it is carried out, while Scientists have called into question or verified various modes of reasoning in philosophical investigations.

This Q-Team focuses on the beginning of this relationship, meaning the dialogue between Philosophy and the Sciences in ancient Greece.

We will investigate the cross-fertilization of ideas that Philosophy has had with different scientific branches (Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, Astronomy, Medicine and Biology) and vice versa. Themes that we will explore are: What is a science? What is the relationship between what our senses show us and what pure reason tells us? What constitutes scientific reasoning? We plan to explore these questions by conversing with the texts of Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Ptolemy, Galen, etc.


No previous knowledge is necessary, although familiarity with Ancient Greek philosophy and Ancient Greek language is an asset. The course is aimed at both bachelor and master students. Undergraduates can use this opportunity to have an introductory survey of ancient Science and Philosophy – a rare opportunity. On the other hand, master students could profit from the seminar to produce a writing sample which could be used for PhD applications. Or if not, to deepen their knowledge of this fascinating topic.

The class and the readings will be in English, and since this is a Q-Team, meaning a research-based learning class, we expect students to write and present a short paper by the end of the semester. The presentation will be casual and informal – its aim is to provide the students with a taste of what it is to write and present a research paper. We plan to make this process as stress-free and helpful as possible, we will guide and support you at every stage, so we hope that you come join us!


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